Craig Ball 

Craig Ball of Austin, Texas is a Board Certified trial lawyer, certified computer forensic examiner and electronic evidence expert. He's dedicated his career to teaching the bench and bar about forensic technology and trial tactics. After decades trying lawsuits, Craig limits his practice to service as a court-appointed special master and consultant in computer forensics and e-discovery. A prolific contributor to educational programs worldwide-having delivered over 700 presentations and papers.

Zoran Iliev

Zoran Iliev, Master in eForensics and Enterprise Securty, is an X-Ways Instructor and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the conference.

He will be conducting two presentations during the conference:

1. Examination of Apple Mac wsing X-Ways and
2. Advanced File System Analysis… (including FILE reocords with complex attributes, and identifying previous file names by examination of INDEX records.. etc.)

Jason Wright

Jason will be presentating on Advanced Data Collection:

·       Skeleton Imaging – how-to and useful scenarios
·       F-Response
·       X-Ways Containers 
·       Reverse Cloning
·       Cleansed Forensic Images 
·       Optical Discs – raw vs std imaging
·       Reconstructing Raids
·       Physical Memory Imaging  

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